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About Us

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About Touch Of Hope 

Touch of Hope understands that all individuals should be treated with the same respect and dignity and given opportunities as everyone else in our society.  People with intellectual/developmental disabilities are not always given opportunities like people without disabilities. Touch of Hope is committed to ensure that individuals live a meaningful life that allows them to be a part of the greater society.  All individuals will have a voice in decisions concerning every aspect of their life. Individuals will also be connected with professionals that are dedicated to providing optimal services that focus on self-worth. 

Background of CEO

Traci Alexander, CEO is a licensed social worker with a concentration working in the field of mental health and addictions.  Traci Alexander has years of experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities as a Direct Support Provider. Additionally, the CEO has years working with families and children as a care coordinator and mental health counselor.  The CEO is committed to helping individuals to reach their full potential by instilling hope. 

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